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Maribeth Woodford

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My Story

Maribeth Woodford's relationship with yoga began in 2014, a journey that started from personal passion and transformed into a profound commitment to share its benefits with others. Despite earning her certification without initial intentions of becoming an instructor, destiny had other plans for her. Maribeth's innate talent for making yoga accessible and non-intimidating soon saw her conducting classes at a local gym, where her popularity surged, testament to her genuine connection with participants.

In 2015, riding on the waves of her escalating reputation, Maribeth took a bold step and founded SUKHA, the "Non-Intimidating" Yoga Studio, nestled in the heart of Brick, NJ. It was a sanctuary for many, a place that emphasized the soulful and genuine essence of yoga, far from the commercialized renditions. Sadly, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with dwindling enrollments, led to the closure of SUKHA in 2021.

While the doors of her studio may have shut, Maribeth's spirit remained undeterred. She took a brief hiatus from teaching, a period of reflection and rejuvenation. But as fate would have it, she couldn't stay away for long. The universe, recognizing her innate gift, presented her with a golden opportunity to resume teaching at Hawthorneology. 

Maribeth's classes are a refreshing blend of authenticity and fun. Attendees can always anticipate an energizing playlist, genuine dharma talks that resonate with real-life experiences, and a soothing closure featuring cold washcloths infused with aromatic essential oils. In a world rife with complexities, Maribeth offers a yoga experience that is truly down-to-earth, and profoundly uplifting.


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